Dr. Katrin Kaeufer is director of the Just Money Program at the Community Innovators Lab within the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and co-founder and executive director of the Presencing Institute. Katrin teaches on leadership and transformational change. Her research focus on leadership, organizational change, mission-based banking as well as on participatory action research.

Her 2013-book co-authored with Otto Scharmer is titled “Leading from the emerging Future: From Ego-system to Eco-system Economies”. Her most recent book explores the role of mission-driven banking for addressing societal challenges and is titled: “Just Money. Mission-driven Banks and the Future of Finance.” (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2021).




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Just Money: Banking as if Society Mattered

Free online program hosted by MIT EdX: provides an introduction and exploration of mission-driven banking.

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Leading Values-based Banks in Times of Disruption

Annual intense leadership programs designed for leaders in mission-driven banking.

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U.Academy of the Presencing Institute

Sustainable change for leaders, change makers and innovators: Programs run by master practitioners of the Presencing Institute.

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Customized In-house Programs and Speaker

For information on speaker engagements, customized programs and workshops please contact:

Leslie Koentje

Presencing Institute & CoLab

Presencing Institute

Dr. Kaufer co-founded the Presencing Institute in 2005 with Otto Scharmer and colleagues to create an action research platform at the intersection of science, consciousness, and profound social and organizational change. Over the past two decades, we have developed Theory U as a change framework and methodology that have been used by thousands of organizations and communities worldwide to address our most pressing global challenges: climate change, food systems, inequality and exclusion, finance, healthcare and education.

Presencing Institute website

MIT CoLab – Just Money Program

Dr. Kaufer is program director that MIT-CoLab: an MIT-based hub for collaborative action and innovation with communities at the margin. CoLab supports democratizing economies and self-determination of governance. CoLab’s work is based on Theory U inspired participatory action research.

The Just Money program “Just Money. Banking as if Society Mattered”:

Works with banks and financial institutions that use finance as a tool for addressing social and environmental challenges

  • Provides capacity building in just banking
  • Develops knowledge and captures best practices
  • Offers free, open source learning materials to a broad audience

MIT CoLab website
GABV Leadership Academy website